buffalo Trails sketch

Buffalo Trails
Historical Backdrop

The tales of Buffalo Trails are stories steeped in history. Our story begins in 1866, but originates in the early 19th century. In the United States the wave of Manifest Destiny rolls west and south into Mexico. At the same time the politics of race are building with pressure cooker steam. In 1866 the western frontier is a volatile mix of people with varying cultures. The U.S. military is charged with bringing order to the chaos.

Into this setting marches N Company of the 9th Cavalry. N Company is the 9th Cavalry's expeditionary force. The adventures of N Company are fraught with danger. Caught between outlaws, Native Americans and nature, the group runs a gauntlet between madness and mirth. Led by Sgt. Ezekiel Jackson, N Company is essentially a pathfinder unit. They are charged with surveying and mapping the southwest borderlands of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

They are however, a keen fighting unit, as among the troops are a number of Civil War veterans. N Company is a mix of do-gooders, ne'er-do-wells and in-betweens, with ages to match.