If You Could See Through My Eyes

If you could see through my eyes, you would be able to see,
all of the things I see in life, and what life means to me.
No more misunderstanding, wasted lives or shed blood,
only understanding, and being understood.
Now, I don’t know all the answers, as is right, as it should be,
but I am close without boast as I’m sure that you can see.
As I look around me at a world filled with dreams,
I ponder the mysteries of what life is and what this all really means.
But should I think too hard on this as I am apt to do,
I begin to lose sight of my dreams. Can you see that too?
So being of good understanding, of my dreams I’ll never part,
for in my dreams are the answers. The answers to my art.

Through My Eyes: A collection of poetry and essays by Verzell James, Vol. 1.
© 2012 Verzell James, published 2012 JAM. Graphics & Publishing, Evanston, IL