“Through My Eyes” is a collection of poetry and essays by Verzell James, that was not originally written as work to be published. They were written as a means to understand and clarify relationships. Many relationships on multiple levels. How does one relate to or identify with nature? How does one relate with his neighbors, family and friends? How does one relate to spirit(s), holy or otherwise?
Only through experience can the nature of relationships be explored. These written explorations are a direct result of Verzell’s experiences or thoughtful reflections on various events in the world outside.
The most interesting part regarding this compilation is that the text was written many years ago. Thirty years ago would be accurate. They are texts written at the beginning of an artistic journey. They are the building blocks of character. Looking at the world today, words written 30 years ago are still relevant.
Through My Eyes: A collection of poetry and essays by Verzell James, Vol. 1.
© 2012 Verzell James, published 2012 JAM. Graphics & Publishing, Evanston, IL